Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Call it a Mutiny

Bush’s disapproval rating among conservatives is 45%. That is not as high as the overall 66% disapproval score, but it is quite remarkable considering Bush is supposed to be—according to the media—the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. Even more stunning is the whopping 65% negative score among polled conservatives for the Republican Congress. Close to a third of conservatives surveyed would be happier if the GOP lost control of Congress.

Ha! A big GOP loss in 2006 is a must. This spend happy Congress deserves a spanking and I cannot think of a better way to toss Dubya out the Presidential-door than saddling him, for the next 2 years, with a hostile, impeachment-hungry, Congress. He deserves no better. Retributionist tendencies aside, I fear that 2 more years of Republican-control will certainly guaranty a Shillary Presidency in '08 - the mere thought of which ties my lower GI tract into a knot of the Gordian variety.