Friday, April 21, 2006

American Political Prisoners

6 Branch Davidians are scheduled for release after serving 12+ years for weapons offenses and manslaughter. As you may recall, all of the surviving Davidians were acquitted of murder and related conspiracy charges. Nonetheless, the Feds still hit them with hefty sentences for the crime of attempting to rebuke American state and society. Moral of the story: in the event that militarized federal agents establish a de facto embargo/blockade of your property, begin shelling your home with chemical agents and pyrotechnic devices, and ultimately invade the confines, smashing the structure with armored tanks, all the while publicly slandering you (wrongly) as an abusive-polygamist-pedophile, what ever you do - don't defend yourself. Just let it happen. Om... Better yet, if there is any remote chance that the state might deem your lifestyle "weird," "reactionary," or out of the "main-stream," you probably should not own a gun in the first place. Home of free, indeed.
Here is nice compilation of Waco materials via Reason.