Thursday, October 27, 2005

Layers of Meaning

Via Todd Zywicki at Volokh, the Onion on the Bernanke appointment:

After 18 years of service, Alan Greenspan is retiring as chairman of the Federal Reserve at the age of 79. What do you think?

"He's irreplaceable. This Bernanke guy may be an anti-inflation fiscal conservative, but you just can't run the Fed if you've never screwed Ayn Rand."

Gotta love the wit. How did Greenspan become such the anti-Randian anyway? I have my theories - but still, this is a man who once argued, "in the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation." (The Objectivist, July 1966). That whole power thing sure does play on the ego, I suppose.