Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rove, Libby et al Indictments = Miers Success

I am going to strut around with my pundit hat for a minute and predict that if Fitzgerald successfully indicts anyone in the Bush administration this week, then it will ultimately lead to Miers' confirmation. Consider, despite what you (or I) think about GW, I'm sure we can all agree that he is about as stubborn as they come. I'm talking of the spoiled three year-old model. Maybe it's arrogance? Or fear? Or just hubris? Irregardless, if his administration takes a hit, the wagons will undoubtedly circle and he'll push through Miers. Count on it. Currently the momentum appears to be running contrary to this prediction (as it should be), but just as the Dems fell loyally into line for Clinton in late 90's, the same will happen within the GOP if Rove, Libby, and/or Cheney is/are indicted. Its all about image and Bush will not allow repeat defeats within his inner-circle to taint his. Hopefully I am wrong because it appears as if the indictments are inevitable. I guess I am secretly hoping that Mr. Fitzgerald will just go out with a whimper. I'd much rather deal with Karl "the puppetmaster" Rove for 3 more years than Justice Lightweight for 20.