Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fairweather Strict Constructionists

Republicans.... geez. The hypocrisy never ceases. We all know that the usual suspects tend to conveniently forget that the Commerce Clause does not sanction regulation of a marijuana plant grown in one's closet for personal use; but, typically the conservatives can be counted on to tow the Lopez/Morrison-strict-constructionist-line and proclaim that Wickard was fundamentally wrong. So you'd think, anyway. Well, drum roll please... Now we have these 2 bills: (1) The Cheeseburger Bill, and (2) Commerce in Arms Act.
The purported basis for both bills rests on the absurd notion that suits against the food and beverage industry and the firearm industry "substantially affect interstate commerce." Masterful hucksters. C'mon fellas. We live in a federal system - remember? - and in that system the states are empowered with self-determination with respect to their respective tort law. Of course I don't like the idea of some supersize-lovin, whopper-eatin lard ass suing Burger King because [s]he can't put the fries down, nor the idea that some irresponsible gun-owner who negligently left the ole .357 laying around for the kiddies to use as a pacifier may end up suing Smith & Wesson rather owning up to his own ineptness; but, that is for the states and corporate managers to individually work out. This is our system, for better or worse. You don't just bend the law to advantage your personal policy preferences. Have some freakin integrity.