Monday, August 15, 2005


Last night in an Atlanta hospital room, a 71 year-old man shot his 70 year-old ailing wife and then turned the gun on himself. This is, of course, mere conjecture - but I am willing to bet that the Mrs. was suffering, wanted a way out, and her husband obliged. Euthanasia is a tricky issue, I'll admit. But I can't help but think, had there been an option available here, we might not have two deaths to talk about.
All of the slippery slope arguments are apt with regard to euthanasia and the risk of coercion and bad faith are both very real. Still, I can't help but sympathize for a sick person who wants to die in the least painful manner available. It is quite strange that we live under a government that does not hesitate to kill "criminals" against their will, but will not abide by the wishes of a person who volitionally wants to end their own life. Insert R.W. Emerson here.


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