Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gaming the System

Feeling immobile? Can't afford a motorized scooter? Never fear, Medicare will pay for it. Every time I hear one of these radio commercials I find myself in the midst of a Howard Dean-like fit of Tourette's. Luckily, to the person in the car next to me, I suppose it only appears that I am really into the tunes on my stereo. Anyway, this marketing campaign reminds me of that infomercial-guy who wore the question mark-riddled suit and spent his Saturdays at 3 AM telling me, "how I could get free money from the government." What a scumbag. He is worse than your everyday subsidized parasite - he's the parasite's pimp. Ditto for these scooter companies.
Was the purpose of MediCare really to enable grandma and grandpa to start a motorized-scooter gang on the taxpayer dole? The "Greatest Generation's" sense of entitlement is pretty freakin great all-right. Sure, they "saved" the world from Fascism; but in years since, they saddled the rest of us with a bloated welfare-warfare mega-state that has taken numerous collectivist cues from those regimes they so proudly fought abroad. Learn from your enemies, indeed. Keep on scoot'in.


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