Sunday, July 31, 2005

Space Geek Fantasies

"Singularity" seems to be trekky fad of the moment. My old professor Tom Smith has a funny, as usual, take on the subject:

I was reading one of these "the singularity is coming" guys the other day, and he said in the future, we will have wireless modems planted in our heads so we can be plugged into the internet at all times. Bad idea. Driving is dangerous enough as it is. Also, look at how much trouble wireless networks already cause. They're up, they're down. I really don't want to have to reboot my brain twice a day. And then spam. Do I really want the thought planted in my brain every five minutes that my penis needs to be bigger or I need to tell some Nigerian my bank account and social security number?

I am a bit alarmed by the growing connectedness that is beginning to consume us. The proliferation of the cell phone was one thing, but the coming onslaught of PDA/Blackberry technology will soon make escape from work and the world of Google a complete impossibility. Is this what Teddy Kaczynski was scribbling about in the Montana woods?


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