Thursday, March 06, 2008

McCain's Veep

David Boaz explains why he hopes it's not the Huckster.

But from a policy perspective, he's a big-spending nanny statist. He bills himself as a "Christian leader" and says that his rise in the polls can only be attributed to God's will.

Mr. Huckabee doesn't just want a government that will stamp out sin. He wants a government that will worry about your body as much as your soul. He says that "it is government's responsibility to try to create a culture of health," including pressuring employers to "encourage" healthier lifestyles among their employees. He wants a federal ban on smoking in the workplace and other public places. He's even threatened to ban cigarettes altogether. He wants federal regulation of local schools and restaurant menus.

He offers veiled protectionist rhetoric like "We can't have free trade if it's not fair trade."

Yuck. I admit, Obama is not any better on trade, which may be the one (and only area) that I favor McCain in such a head-to-head. Nonetheless, the only way I end up on the McCain train, at this point, is if he selects someone like Tom Coburn, Jeff Flake or, of course my man, RP. Dreaming.