Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of late, Hill and Obama have each been attempting to one-up the other in bad-mouthing NAFTA. Seriously people. Quit with the pandering populist garbage aimed at the economically ignorant amongst you. Wouldn't it be nice to hear Obama explain that free trade empowers and lifts up those on lower end of the economic scale as opposed to praying on their fears. Dreaming, I know. Anyway, as for NAFTA's success, according to Dan Griswold (circa 2002):
By every reasonable measure, NAFTA has been a public policy success in the decade since it was signed. It has deepened and institutionalized Mexico's drive to modernize and liberalize its economy and political system. It has spurred trade, investment, and integration between the United States and Mexico. And in a more modest way it has enhanced American productivity and prosperity--refuting the critics who were wrong 10 years ago and are just as wrong today.