Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Republican Party of the Future

According to David Boaz, the Republicans have abandoned their principals and a large segment of their base:

For decades, the Republican party united libertarians and conservatives against the big-government Democratic party. But the recent Republican trend toward big spending and centralization has discouraged both groups.

In one recent poll, voters preferred the Democrats by 2 to 1 to deal with the economy and the federal budget. Meanwhile, the party’s tilt toward social conservatism — the anti-gay marriage amendment, the clumsy intrusion into Terri Schiavo’s hospital room, the “intelligent design” crusade — has turned off younger and more libertarian voters.

No Kidding. And, unfortunately, from my vantage point, the view of the horizon isn't looking any better - evidenced chiefly by the Right's recent rants against Rudy. "We cain't support heem, heez a New Yawk leebral..."As I've been saying for quite a while on this blog (here, here, and here), Hillary will be the next Prez and GW and the fundy-Right will be the bearers of blame. Enjoy.
Side note: here is my choice in '08.