Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hillary's Triangulation

Attempting to emulate Bubba, Hillary has been making a calculated move to the center in an attempt to appeal to more conservative voters. The question is, where is this center to which she heads? David Boaz at CATO suggests that her goal is to appeal to lovers of government of all stripes. The true believers, if you will. Indeed, from her staunch support of re-building "a free" Iraq to censoring violent video games, Hillary appears to be wholly embracing the moralistic paternalism of the right-bent, Santorum-like, busy-body conservatives. I fear this is the future. The Republican Party seems to have been willingly drugged by GW's Big Government Conservatism and the wonders of ear-mark politics; and, the statist liberals could not be happier. Buy a vote here, buy a vote there. Sit back and watch. The ultimate legacy of GW and the reckless Republican Congress will be another Clinton in the White House.