Sunday, May 14, 2006

West Winger's Blow One

I cannot refrain from blowing my horn when the smug, know-it-all writers of the West Wing (I am looking at you Larry "meltdown" O'Donnell) completely blow it. In tonight's season finale, they simply missed an easy one. While waxing nostalgic together on the last day of the second Bartlett term, the first lady threw up softball, thereby allowing big daddy Sheen to show us his vast knowledge of history one last time. To paraphrase his answer as to why inauguration day falls in January:
President Bartlett: "We can thank Jefferson, Adams and Franklin..."
Uhh, WRONG. Try the twentieth amendment circa 1937, Capt. Willard. And Larry, go to the back of the class and, please, try not bust a vessel.