Monday, September 26, 2005

The Leviathan's Trap

It works something like this. The statists create an organized system of plunder, fed by the seizure of tax dollars, which is designed to distribute goods and services to those in "need," "protect" and subsidize favored interests, and regulate, direct and control private behavior, all in the name of the "public interest." Over time, as the system consumes all areas of political and private life, even the most staunch opponents to the expansive system acquiesce, grow to accept the state's all-consuming existence and even cheer on its dastardly deeds (at least when the fruits of plunder come their way). It is at this point that the likelihood of a return to the more limited system of the past is forever lost. And, in case you have not noticed, we are here (and probably have been for quite some time). We live among a populous composed of dependents (those who live off of the spoils of redistribution, welfare and favors) who will always support the system for their livelihood and embittered entitlees (those who feel they deserve a return in exchange for years of taxes paid into this system) who begrudgingly support it when self-interest dictates. So, who is left to fight? Unfortunately for those of us who love liberty and despise the system that is the United States government, we are grossly outnumbered by the parasites and rainy-day entitlees. Oh well, Costa Rica is nice.