Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Katrina Blame Game

I find it amusing that the left is blaming the Feds and, particularly, the Bush administration - e.g. Republicans - for the post-disaster failures and the right is blaming the local and state government officials within Louisiana who happen to be mostly all Democrats. Is this purely politics or a proper application of the principles of constitutional federalism? While it does nicely fit within the context of the latter, I am sure that is just coincidental. Discuss.
UPDATE: 17:36. Great minds... Jim Henley opines:
From what I can tell in the last couple days’ reading, Katrina has chiefly served to confirm people in their previously held views. Liberals proclaim it proof of the need for a robust federal government (shades of Bill Moyers in September 2001), conservatives find themselves confirmed in their belief in the overriding importance of social order vigorously enforced, and libertarians regard the disaster and its aftermath as an exemplary failure of government. (Anarchists see government failing at even its core functions. State-accepting libertarians see government as having ignored its core functions for inappropriate pursuits.) Environmentalists amaze themselves with the realization that Katrina proves we need cars with better gas mileage and religious nuts of all persuasions discern the hand of God smiting their - and, need it be said, his own - enemies.