Thursday, September 01, 2005

NOLA Chaos

Tom Smith shares my astonishment over the insanity on the bayou:

This is, excuse me, just bullshit. It is the job of the national guard to go in harm's way. That's why they carry guns. The police should leave last, not first. I know there are many heroes in NO and I respect them, and praise them. But this idea that the city has to be made safe before the people who should be making it safe can go in, has to stop. Does the NYFD and NYPD have to go down there to show them how it is done? And what is this nonsense about, oh, I was shot at, so I guess I can't go anywhere near there. I've been shot at, by some druggie redneck lowlife. He missed. I was glad. Life went on. Most people miss. It is very hard to hit anything at any distance with a gun. It's not TV. For heaven's sake, send in the helicopters, put some kevlar vests on the crew, send in a few guardsmen with them, and get to work. Get the national guard in there. Start shooting a few looters. Get a grip. This is driving me nuts. OK, I will stop now.

And the bokononist step-brother (who just returned to NOLA from ATL with a new generator) reports that in his lakeside town of Kenner, LA, a gang of thugs have been terrorizing the suburban streets and looting empty homes and businesses (including his). A cop friend relayed to one of my colleagues that a similar group of human waste seized a local hospital and proceeded to rape several women on the premises. According to another unconfirmed report, the mayor of Kenner has taken it upon himself to declare marshal-law within the city and has authorized his police to shoot anyone they choose - good for him. (PLEASE NOTE: the foregoing is all rumor-based and has not been confirmed). Man, is this really happening in America?


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