Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama Score Card

As we approach BO's 6 month anniversary in the White House, I think it's time for a quick check of Mr. Change's campaign promise tally. Below are a list of equivocations, flips and flat-out lies to date:

1. Ear Marks. And more earmarks. And more pork.
2. End the 'wars'. And troop withdrawals.
3. Transparency. So clear.
4. Habaes for detainees.
5. State secrets.
6. Signing statements.
7. Military Tribunals.
8. Pakinstan.
9. No Lobbyists in Cabinet.
10. Allow 5 days of comment before signing bills.
11. No Taxes for Families making less than $250,000.
12. Indefinite detention of detainees.

You're doing great, Pres.