Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yale law prefessor, Jonathan Macey, provides an interesting insight in the WSJ:

To socialize the American economy, it is not necessary to nationalize every business in the United States. All it requires is to put the corporations that control the finances of all of the companies in the economy under government control. And that is what is happening now.

Whole thing here. And on that note, my professor, Tom Smith, adds:

When a business fails, it dies. Or did. But when a terrible government idea fails, it lives on, especially if it makes people in power more powerful. I feel like I'm watching a slow motion train wreck here, only it's worse, because when a train wrecks, nobody is standing there telling you it's really for the best that trains should wreck and that you're stupid to say it's a bad idea for trains to run into each other.