Monday, September 29, 2008

Shop (and bank) Locally

Commenting on Friday's WaPo article regarding the continued growth of local banks while the Wall Street conglomerates fail, Timothy Lee at CATO tells us to bank locally:
It’s important to remember that “the financial industry” is sprawling and diverse. Some banks are on the verge of collapse. Others appear to be doing just fine. It would be unfair to these more prudent banks (not to mention taxpayers) to bail out their irresponsible competitors. And it’s a mistake to assume that, simply because a few reckless Manhattan firms have fallen, the entire financial industry is on the verge of collapse. It may be that these are simply firms that made too many bad investments, in which case their bankruptcy is precisely what is supposed to happen in a free market. Any Congressional action should be focused on preserving the health of the financial system as a whole, not at preventing the bankruptcy of individual firms that made bad investments.
"Financial Sustainability" - it's the new black.