Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama and Dependence

Well, it is clear that BO gave one hell of a speech tonight. As usual, it was a rhetorical masterpiece with a delivery to match. And for those who have been critical of the lack of substance to date, they are going to have to find a new angle of attack (it shouldn't be hard). Obama set forth 29 specific policy proposals in the acceptance speech - the majority of which are predicated on the idea that government can solve all our ills, with the possible exception of the ones it causes, of course... So here we go. This is the vision for "change" - only it's not a fundamental change. That is, unless you view regressing to the collectivist dogma practiced by our tribal ancestors as a positive step forward... I'm just so frustrated. Furthermore, the more I think back on the speech, the one line that continues to bug me more and more by the minute was BO's attack on the "ownership society" (the single Bush policy that I whole-heartedly favor). Despite my efforts, I can't begin to understand the opposition to self-empowerment. Ownership is the essence of individualism and a pre-requisite for human liberty. And the inverse of the concept is control, dependence and enslavement. Unforuntantely, the candidate I support endorses the latter. My cynicism permeates.