Thursday, December 14, 2006


We can only hope that this optimism translates into law. Honestly, my love of beer aside, the issue is about much more than my self-interested desire to buy booze on Sunday. Fundamentally, the issue is whether or not the state should have the authority to forcibly prevent a business owner from selling a legal product during certain specified periods of time (in this case, on Sunday). Interestingly, the most vocal opponents of lifting the restriction are liquor store owners who fear the competition posed by convenience store and grocery store owners, most of whom don't mind working 7-days a week. Yet another example of vested interests, propped up and protected by governmental regulations, employing the state to do their dirty work. Why compete when you can just petition the state to crush the competition for you?
An aside: before this chapter is all over, I'm certain that the blue-law crazies will throw a tantrum or two as well, an event that never fails to generate arguments and ideas of highest intellect and order -- kinda like the value of building multi-million dollar gambling barges 6-inches off shore in the Gulf of Mexico.