Thursday, June 29, 2006

All Hail Old Glory

The Flaggots just won't quit. Geez. Does anyone else find all of this flag-based idol-worship a bit on the creepy side?
So now we have Congress legislating itself into the middle of a private, voluntary contractual relationship because some of the people involved do not like the import of their self-imposed obligations. Here's an idea. If you don't like the policy of the homeowner's association with respect to flying 'ole Glory or your favorite holiday flag, move away. But of course, I am sure that the agitators involved are the very rent-seeking sorts that always run to the government to to address their ills, line their pockets and wipe their collective asses at the expense of the rest of us (in terms of dollars and freedom).
And while I'm on the topic, note the list of U.S. Senators that voted for the Flag Burning Amendment this week. Apparently only 3 Republicans actually believe in the absolute right to express your political opinion (Bennett, Chafee and McConnell). Obviously we all knew Mr. McCain's opinion on the matter, but what about all of those Republicans that claim campaign finance reform violates the First Amendment? Mind boggling. PS - Feinstein voted for it. Nice company...