Friday, March 31, 2006

Flirting with the “Enemy”

“Andy, Andy, don’t you know your place? What are you thinking? Everyone knows that the role of a black-American activist is to protest against Walmart, not advocate on its behalf…” Tiss tiss. Someone is going to take away your membership card – just ask Clarence Thomas.

On that note, I find it sad and beyond unfortunate that individualists and free-thinkers like Justice Thomas and Thomas Sowell are excommunicated from their race simply because they fail to tow the general line. And if an insider, like Andrew Young, appears to have any inkling of independence or a desire to act in a manner contrary to that line, the ground begins to rumble. Why? Why is there an expectation that the color of your skin, or even your gender, religion or sexuality for that matter, should automatically dictate your politics? Talk about regressive...